Where a Tenant breaches the Lease the Landlord has various remedies available to him, one of which is forfeiture. Forfeiture is seen as the ultimate sanction and is something which a Landlord should consider carefully before pursuing.

The right to forfeit is a security for the Landlord in the event the Tenant breaches one or more covenants. It enables the Landlord to recover possession often for small sums of money owing. Given its draconian nature, Parliament has introduced restrictions on Landlords and preconditions before forfeiture can be effected.

At PDC Law, we have acted for numerous Landlords in forfeiture cases and have provided advice on all aspects ranging from the form of a rent demand, the serving of a notice under Section 146 of the Law of Property Act 1925, a claim for possession, the possession order to enforcement of those orders. We often advise Landlords on the Tenants’ rights to relief from forfeiture together with the granting of new Leases.

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